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Our Beltone Personalized Hearing Health Assessment (PHHA) puts you in control of deciding the best solution for your individual hearing needs.

We will review the results of your PHHA assessment with you and will give you a hearing screening to find out whether or not you have a hearing loss. We will then consult with you on next steps for your hearing care needs.

eartone hearing center visit 01We will guide you through the steps of a thorough hearing evaluation, including:

  • A complete case history, including medical questions, questions about your hearing health and your previous hearing instrument use.
  • A simple hearing screening to help us find out whether or not you have a hearing loss.
  • A visual examination of your ear using an ear operating microscope.
  • A word discrimination test.

After your assessment and evaluation, your Beltone hearing care professional records the results of your hearing evaluation on an audiogram. He or she will then share the results with you to show you what you’re hearing and what you are missing.

On the right is a sample audiogram. The letters represent the frequency of common speech sounds in the English language. Clicking on the Speech Banana check box on the lower right of the audiogram shows where these sounds fall within an audiogram.

The age drop down box on the right hand side of the audiogram allows you to select an age range to see where an average hearing person would fall within the audiogram and which sounds they may be missing.

Each individual‘s hearing is different. We will discuss with you for your individual audiogram results and lifestyle needs. We will be able to provide you with an in-office demonstration and trial of appropriate hearing technologies.


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