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Ear and Hearing Aid Center, Thailand


At Eartone, we have the top ear specialists who are all board certified specialist doctors. Eartone ear specialists’ teams have grown over the years. Our doctors are highly trained with experience in hospitals in the USA, UK and Europe.

With highly qualified doctors and staff along with the best testing equipment for hearing impairments, balance/vestibular system and the ear, we are proud to be recognized all over Thailand as one of the leading specialist center for ear, hearing and balance among locals and internationals.

Eartone is one of the most renowned ear and hearing aids centers in Thailand. It is operated by Eartone (Thailand) Co. Ltd., the leading importer, manufacturer and distributor of hearing and balance healthcare equipment especially hearing aids in Thailand.

We are sole distributor for world leading hearing aids including Phonak, Beltone, Hansaton and Interton. The center has been established for over 20 years by Manut Utoomprurkporn, M.D., a hearing specialist and member of the Board of Otolaryngology [ENT]. Since then, Dr. Manut constantly brings latest hearing and balance technologies from around the world to Eartone center.

Sukhumvit 42 Branch

We have doctors on site every day for your consultation.

Our one stop service center can provide doctor consultation, real-time ear examination through microscope and endoscope with patient’s viewing monitor, hearing testing up to the brain level and advance vestibular/balance testing via real-time wireless video nystagmography.

You will come in and walk out of our center with all your ear related problems resolve. Moreover, we have engineers on site to custom make your hearing aids, troubleshoot and repair your hearing aids right away. No need to wait for days on end without hearing and understanding other people at work or at home.


Call Center 

T. 02-712-1177


Email :


Sukhumvit 42 Tel : 0 2712 1177, 0 2713 6231-2, 
08 5357 8777
Sukhumvit 22 Tel : 0 2258 2348, 0 2259 2502, 
08 0554 3443
Ladprao 5 Tel : 0 2190 1172-3, 06 5215 4440
Bangwa-Bangphai Tel : 0 2869 1169, 09 5252 1512
ChivaCare Clinic, Chiangmai
Tel : 09 69800126, 052 005 457
Nongkhaem คลินิก หูตึง หูดี ปรีชา 
Tel : 0 2115 2440
WestGate Hearing Clinic, Bangyai 
Tel : 0 2010 4245, 09 5862 2395
Sathika Hearing Clinic, Samutsakhon 
Tel : 09 5918 2881


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