AQ sound XC

with rechargeable lithium-ion battery

An exciting listening experience, right from the beginning. Unique shape in exciting color combinations. Binaural and handsfree phone calls with every smartphone (MFA). Ideal sound while streaming like wireless headphones. Plasma-coated and water-resistant according to IP68 classification. Powerful Li-Ion battery at the AQ, 24 hours listening pleasure. Support the natural hearing intelligence, thanks to HearIntelligence.


sound SHD S312

The sound SHD S312’s ergonomic design – including a specially formed push button and an easy-to-feel battery compartment – makes it particularly simple and convenient to operate. And it delights design lovers and international expert juries alike with its sweeping curves and harmonious interplay of colors.


jam SHD RS13

Its dynamic waveform design gives the jam SHD RS13 a modern look, satisfying even the most sophisticated aesthetic standards. Its optimally shaped controls make the jam SHD RS13 an attractive and convenient behind-the-ear aid. Thanks to its automatic programming features, the hearing system integrates perfectly into any day-to-day routinents.



Thanks to its tiny hybrid, the jam SHD IIC is particularly small and sits very deep inside the auditory canal. It runs on a size 10 battery. It has a drawstring so that it can be removed from the ear canal easily. The IIC is practically invisible from the outside.



The jam SHD CIC sits about as far down into the auditory canal as the IIC and, thanks to its tiny hybrid, is equally invisible from the outside. The CIC runs on a size 10 battery. It has a drawstring so that it can be removed from the ear canal easily.


jam SHD Mini Canal

The jam SHD Mini Canal is worn inside the auditory canal, and like other jam SHD systems, it runs on a size 10 battery. Its placement deep inside the ear and its flesh-toned surface make the jam SHD Mini Canal a discreet hearing system solution. The jam SHD Mini Canal can be removed easily using one hand.


jam SHD Canal

The jam SHD Canal sits at the entrance to the auditory canal and usually runs on a size 312 battery. Its flesh-toned surface makes the jam SHD Canal another very discreet hearing system solution. It can be removed from the ear easily with the index finger and thumb.


jam SHD Half-Concha or Concha

The jam SHD Half Concha and Concha fill the concha partly or completely. They generally run on size 312 or 13 batteries. Their flesh-toned surfaces make them discreet. They can be removed easily with one hand.


flow 312

The flow 312 stands for great technology in a beautiful package. The discreet Behind-the-ear system offers a winning combination of price and performance.


flow 13

The flow 13 is another powerful companion throughout your everyday life.


flow 675

For those who need a little extra support: The flow 675 offers you an especially powerful, robust hearing solution.


flow In-the-ear hearing systems

  • In-the-ear models: CIC, Mini Canal, Canal and Concha
  • Optional: Program pushbutton
  • Optional: Multi-microphone technology
  • Optional: Telephone coil

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